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XD-Cam professionel discs recycling

All recorded data on the disc is erased  (including the CLIP-list)
The disc surface is checked for any physical damage.
Confirmation that mechanical parts are fully functional.
The disc surface is cleaned (especially with ENG recording the disc and/or cartridge can become dirty) to prevent digital errors in new recordings.
Old stickers, labels and adhesive residue are removed from each disc.
The record protection mechanism is reset for further recording.
Each box is cleaned and a new inlay card provided.
New labels are inserted with each disc.
After Quality-control every disc can be re-used in DV-Cam or MPEG-IMX mode.

Benefits of recycling

Significant savings on buying new discs.
XD-Cam discs are manufactured to be re-used at least 1000 times without lose of quality.
Environmentally friendly.

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