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Studio Master - 900 serie

High Output tape designed to meet the highest quality requirements
in audio analogue recording (both multi-track and mastering)

SM 900 offers:
- High Output
- Wide dynamic range
- High level uniformity up to the highest frequencies
- Low print-through and excellent DC-noise

Studio Master - 911 serie

Standard Bias studiotape, compatible with the
industry standard for multitrack and mastering recordings
in music studios and broadcasting.

SM 911 offers:
- High level uniformity
- Excellent DC-noise
- Excellent winding at high speed.

Studio Master - 468 serie

High Bias studio tape, featuring minimal print-through
and long term stability, excellent for archiving

SM 468 offers:
- Excellent dynamic range at entire frequency spectrum
- Allows flangeless operation due to excellent winding properties.
- Worldwide proven archiveability and long term stability.

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