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Rip-Tie's original patented design that was the start of the company.

One end is permanently attached to the cable...the other end has a pull tab to release the Rip-Tie with one hand.

Durable, made of the best quality Velcro hook and loop tape and tested
up to 10,000 release cycles.

Used in many industries and at home....wherever it is important to
secure cables, keep them organized and to eliminate cable safety hazards.

Prevents unnecessary disposal of plastic bindings, so more environmentally friendly.

Available in 
17 sizes and 14 colours of the EIA Code.
The "
rainbowpack"... contains the 10 most popular colours in one package.

CableWrap is available with the folowing attachments:
CableWrap with elastic loop
hook & loop
CableWrap with extra webbing

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