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 Rip-Tie's most popular product in
 cable management has been
 enhanced with new patented

One end of the Rip-Lock Cable
 Wrap semi-permanently attaches
 to the cable, the other end has a
 pull-tab for one-handed quick

 Durable, made of the best quality
 Velcro hook and loop tape and
up to 10,000 release cycles.

Use Rip-Lock wherever it is important to secure cables, keep them organized and to eliminate cable safety hazards.

Easily move the CableWrap from one cable to another with the Rip-Lock key. 

Prevents unnecessary disposal of plastic bindings, so more environmentally friendly.

Available in 17 sizes and 14 colours of the EIA Code.
The "
rainbowpack"... contains the 10 most popular colours in one package.

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