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The SPITA ASD (=Aerosol Sprinkler Device) is an extremely effective fire extinguishing module. Very easy to use and a minimum of maintenance.
There are different modules, depending on the application or the size of the room that needs to be protected against fire.

The modules are NOT under pressure and are automatically activated via an electric starter or a built-in thermo fuse.
After activation, the module generates an extinguishing cloud of special aerosols, which fill the entire space and interferes in the combustion process.
The unique composition of the aerosols make the SPITA ASD suitable for extinguishing all types of fires: 

 Class A fire
solid materials

 Class B fire
flammable liquids

Class C fire

 Class E fire
up to 100kV

Class F fire
oil & fat

The SPITA ASD is available in different types:

The main differences with other known extinguishing agents are:
  • does not cause collateral damage
  • container is not under pressure
  • contains no hazardous substances
  • environmentally friendly
  • no regular maintenance
  • no annual testing required
  • certified EN-, ISO-, UL & BRL norm




Contains no ozone depleting substances and does not cause global warming.
Contents are not electrically conductive and have no risk of electrostatic discharge.
• Does not contain steam, foam or powder which can cause (collateral) damage to expensive
  (electronic) equipment, furniture, interior, etc.

• Operating temperature from -40º C up to +75º C
Can be used at relative humidity up to 95%.
Does not cause oxidation or thermal shock.
• Any residue of precipitated extinguishing agent can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner
  and a cleaning cloth (after-treatment)

Not dangerous to human health (lungs) when exposed to extinguishing agent.

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